Jordan, Levi Cash

18 year old Jordan just got home from school cheerleading experience and was looking to hook up with some girlfriends when 29 yr old Levi came around snooping. He chatted her up and talked her into letting him inwards her home. Lucky for him, Jordan thinks older studs are super hot, so even however she was truly nervous, she took well to his advances. When he asked to smooch her lips, a rush of excitement sexually aroused her body and she immediately got all delicious. This bashful damsel couldn’t wait to have her lithe body taken advantage of and promptly open up her legs to have her nub touched through her lingerie. She then seized Levi’s man-meat and tenderly embarked stroking it before guzzling his sword down to her tonsils. Blessed with a large muff, Jordan then got finger ravaged before Levi opened her bacon sways for some real contraption. Witness as this senusal blondie bombshell polishes his manmeat down while her bubble culo jiggles for the camera. She’s then laid out on her back for the accidental grand finale!

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